We are a market research company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

As thought leaders in the field of Talent Communication for 15 years, we strive to bring the voice of the candidates to the table, because we believe that no one should miss the opportunity to find the work and place where they belong.

Every year, students worldwide take part in our Market Study and Perception Panels, to share with us their preferences and needs during their job search, and expectations about the job application process. Our in-depth analysis of this data helps local and international employers improve their career channels and stay updated with what is most important for young talent.

Our Talent Communication Report - Market Study gathers the job search needs and preferences of more than 20 000 students and graduates worldwide, and compares the priorities of young talent to the actual content of thousands of company career channels.

The results of our Market Study are also used as the foundation of our rankings (link), which show how the career channels of companies worldwide perform compared to those of their competitors in different markets, and allow clients to track the improvement of their Talent Communication.

The report is available in four topics: Career Website, Applying Online, Social Media, and Mobile.

Our Talent Experience Report - Perception Panels takes an in-depth look into specific career channels with a group of 30 candidates who give their direct feedback on their candidate experience. The report is available in three topics: Career Website, Applying Online, and Social Media.


"To learn how to use the new, evolving methods of communication is the challenge of our time. To support you with knowledge and insights about them is our mission. Let’s shape the future of recruiting and employer branding together.”  
Torgil Lenning, Founder Potentialpark

Some of our clients


"We are a Proximity brand: being close to clients and collaborators are key elements in our mission. Potentialpark's 2017 results are helping us improve the proximity with candidates, as well as enrich our career website with clear and engaging content and simplify the application process to make it more agile and intuitive. The data are a concrete guide to support us and make our Employer Identity coherent in order to satisfy the candidate both in the discovery and in the application stages."


"An efficient employer branding strategy has a good data base amongst its ingredients. Potentialprk is an ideal partner to understand trends and compare with the best benchmarks in the job market"


"The Career Website study, produced by Potentialpark with students and graduates, has helped us a lot last year in the relaunch of our career website. It allowed us to maintain our 2nd rank in the ranking.

Advice delivered by Potentialpark is innovative and based on candidate experience, in line with our employer branding digital strategy."
Deloitte France


"Every year, the Potentialpark Study helps us in intercepting new trends and catching concrete opportunities to be always more attractive in a highly competitive market. It gives new ideas and inspirations, that are used to improve our strategy. In-depth, useful, and easy to consult."
BNL/BNP Paribas Italy


"An effective employer branding strategy must have a great foundation of data: Potentialpark is the ideal partner in order to catch trends and compare ourselves with the best benchmarks on the job market."
Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane



The Management Team

Elisabeth Wicklin
Founder of a company that fosters the connection between talent and employers through referrals, Elisabeth pours her her enthusiasm for sharing and networking, taking the reins of Potentialpark since 2014.

Torgil Lenning
Founder Potentialpark
Torgil is passionate about helping candidates and employers to understand and communicate with each other. Talk to him about snowboarding, sailing or how to handle digitalitalisation in recruitment communication and employer branding. @torgillenning

Cornelia Körber
Head of Product and Services
Cornelia leads our products and services team since September 2016, and is responsible for the quality of our research. Using her far-reaching experience from the automotive industry, she navigates the Potentialpark Study and enjoys teaching yoga in her free time.

Julian Ziesing
Talent Communication Expert
Julian is currently in the 15th year of his Employer Branding internship at Potentialpark. When he's not thinking about the future of career websites, he's busy playing tennis or looking for the best tea shops in town. @julianziesing

Barbara Schoell
Head of Marketing
Barbara is responsible for our marketing and communication since May 2016. As the mother of a 4-year-old daughter, she has practice using her creativity when dealing with inquiries from colleagues.

Mark Schellhas
Head of Digital Technology
Mark is responsible for making sure our research and delivery of results flow seamlessly. When he’s not thinking about how to improve the user experience, he enjoys surfing and attending live music events.

Johanna Hakala
Head of Finance
Johanna is all about numbers and making sure that Potentialpark's finances are in order. When she's not improving our organization, she likes exploring the best brunch places or crushing it at the badminton court. She's also our boot camp leader at Wellnesspark!

Antoine Lhosmot
Head of Strategic Partnerships
Antoine is fan of architecture and urban planning. But what he prefers is to build bridges between candidates and employers. Travel with him across borders with the ideal candidate experience as a destination. @antoinelhosmot