How to Apply

How to Apply


Are you interested in working for Potentialark, but can’t find a job among our jobs which matches your career objectives and profile? Please send an email to including cover letter and CV

in PDF. Note that we will only take full applications into consideration.

Cover letter (PDF) explaining
* Your educational background
* Your fit with Potentialpark
* Why you want to work with us
* When you can start and how long you can stay

CV (PDF) including
* Your full name and contact details
* Your educational background (high school and university)
* Your work experience
* A statement about your activities outside school and work

Recruiting Process and Time Estimates

  1. We will carefully read your full application and consider to invite you to a first round interview. The goal in this interview is to get to know each other better and clarify open questions on both sides.
  2. If both sides feel that there is a perspective to work together, we will invite you to a second interview with the line manager of the team you would like to work in. Here we will go more into detail about your skills, motivation, experience and expectations. You will have a chance to raise in-depths questions about our work.
  3. At this point we might make you an offer already. Often, but not always, we will have a third interview or Skype conference before that with the CEO or a partner of Potentialpark or Entrypark to give both sides a chance to have a qualified discussion from another perspective.

The entire process may take between 1 and 4 weeks. If you don’t hear back from us within one week since the last step, please contact us to avoid misunderstandings.