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Get first-hand data, never shown before, plus the official results and insights of the

Online Talent Communication Study France 2016

 Join us for an afternoon full of discussions you won't find elsewhere, and experience Potentialpark's unconventional style of making events personal, informal and enjoyable.


FEBRUARY 4, 2016 (event closed)

Official Event: 1.30 PM - 5:30 PM  

Networking: 5.30 PM - 6.30 PM

SKEMA Business School, Espl. Mona Lisa, 92400 Courbevoie, France


14:00 Bienvenue
Guillaume Caramalli & Antoine Lhosmot, Potentialpark
17:20 Conclusion
Guillaume Caramalli & Antoine Lhosmot, Potentialpark
14:15 Keynote
Alice Guilhon, SKEMA
14:30 Les voies du candidat - Entrez en piste
Guillaume Caramalli, Potentialpark
15:00 Classements OTaC Médias Sociaux & Mobile
Pierrick Souilleaux, Potentialpark
15:15 Case study: Leveraging SaaS Technology for a Memorable
Candidate Experience
Eric Gellé, Avature

16:00 Be brave or be gone - Abolishing excuses in HR marketing
Julian Ziesing, Potentialpark
16:30 Classements OTaC Site Carrières & Candidature en ligne
Pierrick Souilleaux, Potentialpark
16:45 Case study : Offres d'emploi enrichies
Pascal Lasserre, Le Figaro Classifieds
17:10 Online Talent Communication 2016
Vainqueur OTaC16
17:00 Classement: Online Talent Communication 2016
Elisabeth Wicklin, Potentialpark



Elisabeth Wicklin, CEO Potentialpark Group

Elisabeth believes in sharing and referrals. Nine years ago she started a Referral Recruitment company with a disruptive business model challenging a conservative headhunting industry. Her nickname is "the Moose" since she is walking so fast her daughters are almost flying when holding her hands. 

Photo Antoine (2).jpg

Antoine Lhosmot, Country Manager France

Antoine is fan of architecture and urban planning. But what he prefers is to build bridges between candidates and employers across borders. Travel with him between France, Switzerland, Benelux and many other countries with the ideal talent interaction as a destination.


Guillaume Caramalli, Clients Relations Manager France

Both the ski slopes of Méribel and the last HR communication trends don’t have any more secrets to hide from Guillaume. He will be happy to share them with you or your CEO along with glass of Bordeaux.


Dorota Rautiainen, Head of Research

Dorota Rautiainen does not only update the HR world on the latest trends about Online Communication, she also takes her research mission to her colleagues. Next to studying GenY and their online behavior she loves to test new recipes on her peers.



Thomas Chappotteau, Client Relations Trainee

Marathon enthusiast, Thomas never says no to run after the 42 best French schools. Share the asphalt with him and discover how to make candidates sprint to the doors of your company.

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Pierrick Souilleaux , Research Analyst

Half man, half fish, when Pierrick is not swimming in the cold Swedish water he audits career sites and social networks. If you are interested in the candidate experience of the future: dive into the richness of our data with Pierrick.


imageedit_9_4918290816 (1).jpg

Björn Wigeman, Head of Client Relationship Management

Björn has a background in viral marketing. Through the last years, he has been working with some of Potentialpark's global clients, setting up their strategies for employer branding and communication. He has a special place in his heart for the US market. Please talk to him about your latest ideas, and he will be sure to share his.


Torgil Lenning, Founder & Chairman

Torgil Lenning loves to travel and wishes he could go even more often. Help him out by talking to him about international trends, cultural communication differences or why competence beats nationality.



Greg Wells,  Clients Relations Manager US

An American expat loving his new life in Sweden, Greg is especially interested in understanding how companies are adapting employer branding strategies to reach an increasingly globalized talent pool. Connect with Greg and learn more about our US OTaC Rankings. 

Julian Ziesing Business Developement

Julian has helped employers worldwide to understand talent since 2002. He sees the candidate experience as an entrepreneurial challenge: be courageous, take risks, break some rules! In his spare time, he likes to clear his head with tea, tennis and literature about philosophy and psychology.