Potentialpark brings you the voice of the candidates, the competitive landscape and the best practice from around the world. 

The OTaC journey does not only identify new trends in the way candidates communicate with your employer brand, but also gives you valuable insights in their use of online communication channels and sources of frustrations.

Together with our global annual survey and the auditing of the online activities of top employers across industries, we have helped leading companies all over the world to understand their target groups better, benchmark with their competitors and get the right tools at hand to strengthen their recruiting and employer branding activities.


If you can prove it, you’re safe

Our research helps you to make solid business cases. Today, HR needs arguments and independent data to sustain a courageous and long-sighted communication strategy. Prove the urgency of online talent communication, and get buy-in and support for your plans.

The worm needs to be tasty for the fish, not the fisherman

Educate yourself, your team and your stakeholders on the most recent key trends of the candidate experience and online talent communication. Your employer brand can only shine, and your recruitment can only advance, if things are thought through from a candidate perspective.

Start improving today

We provide you with clear, hands-on feedback and advice. Both along check-lists, and on a qualitative level. We help you to prioritize short-term vs. long-term. And we enable you to make informed decisions about your communication strategy.

Show your success

For many of the top employers worldwide, Potentialpark’s rankings have long become a standing KPI. They perfectly show where and how your efforts have paid off. Use the independent rankings and awards to promote your successes to your stakeholders and to the public.

Meet your peers

At our OTaC Conferences, we invite you to meet the best in the game, to learn what is new, and see best practice cases live. It will be hard to find another place to meet so many of the right people and learn so much new in such a focused event. Moreover, we invite our closest partners to the Future Forum in a new city every year. After Frankfurt, Stockholm, Paris and Rome, we will meet in London in May 2016. This exclusive event is where dedicated and forward-thinking communication experts exchange their thoughts and plans for the following year. Small groups, no audience, everyone takes part. It’s all about the candidates, and it’s about being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people!


Measuring the company’s image will not tell you how to change it, nor will it reveal the factors that influenced it. It’s in the communication, the right choice of tools and channels, the candidate-minded content and campaigns as well as a courageous, long-sighted communication strategy, where you make the true impact on talent.


  • 15 years of experience with Online Talent Communication
  • Annual surveys with up to 30.000 candidates
  • Annual evaluations of thousands of career websites, application systems, social media channels and mobile career sites and apps
  • Candidate tests of the most advanced tools and channels on the market
  • Global clients, projects, respondents and partner universities
  • Local strengths with a diverse team with people from 20 countries
  • A sounding board of industry experts who join our thought-leadership tracks

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Cornelia Körber

Head of Reasearch


+46 85000 2130