How do we calculate our rankings? 

In our OTaC Study (Online Talent Communication), we rank employers every year based on their ability to meet candidate expectations for career-related communication across four topics: Career Website, Applying Online, Social Media and Mobile.

We ask young professionals through a representative survey worldwide to share the features, functions and pieces of information that reflect their preferences and priorities.

With these results, we weigh the list of criteria that is used to evaluate career websites and channels of top employers globally. The results, rankings, and benchmarks, are available with a focus in the following regions: Germany, France, UK, Italy, Luxembourg, USA, Europe, and Asia.



  • A representative survey of students and graduates with over 28,000 respondents worldwide and over 1,000 per market or region.
  • A list of more than 300 criteria and features based on which we evaluate career-related online channels: career website and application process, social media, and mobile channels. The list reflects the candidates’ preferences and priorities, and is updated continuously.
  • An evaluation of the online presence of more than 450 employers globally.