OTaC – Online Talent Communication

OTaC - the umbrella for Potentialpark’s research on Online Talent Communication

Its goal is to help employers understand talent online and sharpen their tools and channels to do better recruitment and employer branding. OTaC covers four main areas with a specific study:


Research Methodology

Every year, Potentialpark ranks more than 100 employers per country and region according to their Online Talent Communication (OTaC). Within the OTaC research, the Career Website study focuses on Career Websites.

The ranking is based on a representative survey of 23,683 students, graduates and early career professionals worldwide. The respondents rated the importance of 85 features, functions and pieces of information, reflecting job seekers’ preferences and priorities. With this checklist, Potentialpark evaluated 767 Career Websites of top employers globally.

The rankings, results and benchmarks are available in the following editions: US, Europe, Asia, Germany, France, UK and Poland.

Find this year’s rankings here.

Phase 2 Concept

Phase 1 – Ranking & Feature Checklist

“What to do” – Quantitative benchmark

  • Jobseekers preferences & priorities, based on global survey
  • Objective audits and rankings of Top 100 employers per country/region
  • Your missing features, lowest-hanging fruit, and best practice advice

Phase 2 – In-Depth Perception Panel

“How to do it” – Qualitative testing

  • Candidate experience of your tools and implementation
  • First-hand feedback and suggestions from target group
  • Benchmark of your tools and their impact on the employer brand

Additionally, Potentialpark conducts qualitative and in-depth panels and benchmarks, and offers Trends & Best Practice Studies.

Please contact us for more information, complete ranking, trends and specific benchmark analysis. Or browse the OTaC Online Application, OTaC Social Media Talent Interaction, OTaC Mobile Talent Interaction sections for more information about the four areas.

Why work with OTaC?

  • To use independent research to win internal buy-in and support
  • To get hands-on advice for the improvement of your online tools and channels
  • To benchmark with your competitors and learn from the best-in-class
  • To measure progress and success
  • To stay on top of trends
  • To meet project managers and decision-makers of other employers
  • To understand talent and make smarter decisions about your online talent communicationcontent