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OTaC - Rankings of Online Talent Communication

These are exciting times to work with online talent communications. Every year, Potentialpark shows which companies are leading edge and based on the criteria of the candidates publishes unique employer rankings.

Employer Rankings – Editions

Follow the links below to find the latest rankings of Potentialpark’s OTaC studies across the globe.

Potentialpark Studies

Each ranking stems from Potentialpark studies within specific recruiting and employer branding channels. These individual studies include:

onlinetalent_2014_200OTaC – Online Talent Communication

Top online communicators overall



Top Career Website

The best career websites


socialtalent_2014_200Top Social Media Talent Interaction

The best Career Pages on Social Media


mobiltalent_2014_200Top Mobile Talent Interaction 

The best mobile career websites and apps


topponline_application_2014_200Top Online Application 

The best online application systems


Key Facts about Potentialpark Research

23,682 respondents
968 university partners
3,374 communication channels evaluated
325 ranking criteria
767 companies ranked in 6 editions within 5 studies
472 unique companies evaluated

Field Period: August 2013 – December 2013