We bring you the voice of candidates so that you know
what's important to the talent you want to attract and hire


We are a market research company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

As thought leaders in the field of Talent Communication since 2002, we strive to bring the voice of the candidates to the table, because we believe that no one should miss the opportunity to find the work and place where they belong.

Every year, students worldwide take part in our Market Study and Perception Panels, to share with us their preferences and needs during their job search, and expectations about the job application process. Our in-depth analysis of this data helps local and international employers improve their career channels and stay updated with what is important for young talent.


"To learn how to use the new, evolving methods of communication is the challenge of our time. To support you with knowledge and insights about them is our mission. Let’s shape the future of recruiting and employer branding together.”  
Torgil Lenning, Founder Potentialpark

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" We've been looking at many studies we could have worked with, but we went for the one that is more objective and leaves out the effect of the brand.

This is why Potentialpark's is actually my favourite research.

Matteo Valenzano, Fater Group



The Management Team

Elisabeth Wicklin
Founder of a company that fosters the connection between talent and employers through referrals, Elisabeth pours her enthusiasm for sharing and networking, taking the reins of Potentialpark since 2014.
She is attracted by challenges whether it’s about change management in a multicultural environment, a new skiing technique, or raising her teenage daughters. Her wish is to make a difference and contribute to making the world a better place.

Julian Ziesing
Talent Communication Expert
Julian has been working with Talent Communication for over 15 years as a researcher, speaker and consultant at Potentialpark in Berlin, Germany. He advises employers around the world on how to become talent friendly and competitive on the talent market.

Nawres Caman
Head of Sales
Nawres leads the Potentialpark team of experts within Talent Communication and provides with leadership, sales expertise and business development. She has a background in Business Economics with a specialization in Organization and Leadership. When she's not in the office, she likes to travel around the world and experience new cultures.

Barbara Schoell
Head of Marketing
Barbara oversees Potentialpark's global marketing initiatives since May 2016. She pulls the strings when it comes to organizing conferences, creating meaningful content, and communicating via Potentialpark’s channels. At home she uses her creativity to keep up with her 4-year-old daughter.

Victor Manuel Zanabria Consuelo
Head of Digital Technology
Victor works with digital transformation, innovation and business strategy at Potentialpark. He is passionate about working with innovative digital solutions in cross-department projects to create unique user experiences. He considers himself as a global citizen and a sports lover, who is excited about learning from new cultures and compromised with the development of a sustainable society."

Johanna Hakala
Head of Finance
Johanna has a degree in Business & Economics, and a degree in Rhetoric, both from Uppsala University. When she's not improving our organization and making sure that Potentialpark's finances are in order, she likes exploring the best brunch places or crushing it at the badminton court. She's also our boot camp leader at Wellnesspark!