We do research to spread knowledge and provide relevant data in the field of Talent Communication. We believe that the way employers speak to, and interact digitally with their candidates has a big impact on their employer brand, on their talent pipeline, and eventually on their success. 

In the world of consumer products, all kinds of studies on behaviour and preferences are done to sell more. But what about the “other side”? People are the most important asset of today’s companies. With our studies, we want to find out what candidates expect to hear and read from employers and what they expect from the application process itself. These insights help employers to improve their digital Talent Communication, attract the right talent, and convince them to work for them.

Potentialpark has two different research approaches:


Quantitative approach

With the Potentialpark Study we collect every year statistical relevant data globally and turn them into insights for employers. Read more.


Qualitative approach

We ask a panel of candidates to test career channels and give direct feedback about a specific employer. Read more.


The Potentialpark Study

The annual global market study on Talent Communication

The Potentialpark study is the most comprehensive study about Talent Communication on the market. Every year we ask thousands of students and graduates about their needs and preferences, and evaluate the career channels of hundreds of employers worldwide. 

To keep our research independent and unbiased we’ve chosen a 3 step approach:  

Step 1: Criteria list

Every year we create a list of criteria describing all market-relevant features when communicating with talent. Since 2002 we’ve adapted this criteria list according to new preferences, new technologies, and changing habits.

Step 2: Global survey

Based on the criteria, we develop a survey and reach out to candidates worldwide with a special focus on undergraduates and graduates. We collect the input from more than 25 000 respondents every year and cover all fields of study possible, with special focus on IT, Engineering, and Business Schools.

Step 3: Career channel audits

We evaluate hundreds of employers’ career channels using the same criteria list as in the survey to assess the market performance. The employers we select to be in our rankings are either top performers from previous years or representative employers in our key markets. This allows us to keep our rankings relevant and with high quality.

Our field period is from September to December, and we release the results during our Potentialpark Conferences between February and March every year.

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The results

We bring together the outcome of both the survey and the audits: we know what’s most important to candidates and if employers implement it or not.

Potentialpark Rankings
The rankings reflect the competitive landscape of employers within Talent Communication in each market. Who is most talent friendly?

See the latest rankings

Talent Communication Report
Offered to employers who want to know their own status compared to their competitors and who want to develop a more talent-friendly communication.

Learn more about the Talent Communication Report


Perception Panels

Direct feedback on your career channels

As a complement to our global study, we conduct perception panels with smaller groups of candidates who take an in-depth look at specific career channels and selected parts of the application process.

We analyze their a priori expectations and associations regarding your employer brand, and illustrate the influence of your online communication on their perception.

You can order your Perception Panel anytime. We conduct these studies between March and May every year.

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Talent Experience Report
The individual results are brought together in our Talent Experience Report, where we provide open and direct candidate feedback together with expert analysis about the user experience regarding navigation, look & feel, and relevance of your content and messages.

Learn more about the Talent Experience Report


Potentialpark commits to the quality of its studies by following the ESOMAR code on market and social research. 


Schools and Talent


Universities, schools and career centers worldwide are our most important collaborators when we collect our survey data.

Although anyone could be going through a job search and application experience at any given time, we understand that it’s mostly students and graduates who will be on that path. By sharing with us their needs and preferences for searching and applying for jobs, we’re able to influence the way employers communicate with talent worldwide, and help them communicate with candidates more effectively.

Click below or scroll for more information about how we work with schools and students.


Universities, Schools, and Career Centers

How we support you

Our collaborators get access to our research results annually. We cover the topics where students need the most of the schools’ support and also provide insight into students’ online communication preferences and behaviors, as well as insights into company trends when it comes to their talent communication and recruitment activities.

As collaborator you also get the opportunity to participate in our conferences together with our company and university networks.

In addition, we offer lectures and webinars for your students, covering the topics that they’re most interested in when it comes to their career and job search.

How we support your students and recent graduates

Our survey has an educational approach so by participating, students improve their knowledge about the tools they have available when it comes to looking for and applying for jobs. We support their professional development, prepare them for starting their careers and help them reach their full potential in their career and job search.

Our survey participants also get direct access to information and hands-on, useful content backed by our results and experience with international employers, to help them improve their chances to find a job that fits them and succeed in their application.


Students, Graduates, and Experienced Talent

" The application questions were difficult and time-consuming. They didn't give me the chance to show the best of myself.

Respondent from the Potentialpark Study 2017

We believe that no one should miss the opportunity to find the work and place where they belong.

That’s why we bring your voice to the biggest international employers. We want them to know what's important to you, and what kind of information and interaction you need when searching and applying for jobs.

By taking our survey, you increase your chances of being successful in your career and job search, as we increase your awareness and help widen your knowledge about the latest recruiting and communication trends.

You  also get direct access to articles and hands-on, useful tips backed by our results and experience with international employers, to help you reach your full career and job search potential.

There're two ways you can participate: Become a respondent in our annual survey, or participate in our paid studies about candidate experience. Our surveys are very targeted and mostly language specific. In order to invite you for the right one, we need to know a few details about you. This will improve your experience and the quality of the answers. Stay in touch!

All our respondents stay anonymous, and you can leave the talent pool at anytime. We’ll inform you when we carry out studies that fit your profile.


Our data is stored in servers in Frankfurt and our processes comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We promise not to spam you or share your personal information with any third party. Read the full Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

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