We bring you the voice of candidates providing knowledge and insights for shaping the future of recruitment

We are a market research company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

As thought leaders in the field of Talent Communication since 2002, we strive to bring the voice of the candidates to the table, because we believe that no one should miss the opportunity to find the work and place where they belong.

Every year, students worldwide take part in our Market Study and Perception Panels, to share with us their preferences and needs during their job search, and expectations about the job application process. Our in-depth analysis of this data helps local and international employers improve their career channels and stay updated with what is important for young talent.


"To learn how to use the new, evolving methods of communication is the challenge of our time. To support you with knowledge and insights about them is our mission. Let’s shape the future of recruiting and employer branding together.”

Torgil Lenning, Founder of Potentialpark


Torgil founded Potentialpark as he identified the strong need for business leaders to be competitive in attracting and recruiting the right talent. By bringing together talent, employers and academic institution worldwide, he wanted to bridge the gap in communication.

Since then a lot has changed on how candidates look for jobs and how employers find talent—still, understanding talent remains crucial in the recruitment market as it is developing faster than ever. 



The Management Team

Henrik Cullgren
Henrik has spent his career developing, launching,  and selling knowledge at some of the world’s most well-known companies in the field. Since August 2018, he is leading Potentialpark’s growth journey.

Nawres Caman
Head of Sales
With her passion for client value and experience, Nawres leads our sales team that brings their expertise in talent communication and employer branding to some of the largest employers in the world.  Her team helps our clients go from data to insights.

Maryann Lee Mathew
Head of Research
Maryann is responsible for ensuring high quality in the development, execution and the delivery of  Potentialpark's knowledge and products. She leads these efforts by bringing the client needs and data insights closer.

Jakob Gazelius
Head of Marketing
Jakob have been in the employer branding industry for almost a decade. Now he oversees Potentialpark´s global marketing initiatives. Ensuring that our content, conferences and data collection meet our high standards.

Victor Manuel Zanabria Consuelo
Head of Digital Technology
Victor works with digital transformation, innovation and business strategy at Potentialpark, with a keen focus on how Potentialpark help employers to do digital Talent Communication better.

Julian Ziesing
Talent Communication Expert
Julian has been working with Talent Communication for over 15 years. Working from Berlin, Germany, he takes on both roles in developing Potentialpark’s new products and services, as well as advising global clients. His passion is to understand talent and to help employers be more talent-friendly and competitive in the talent market.

Mattias Åberg
Finance Manager
Mattias ensures Potentialpark’s finances are in order. With his diligence and eye for detail, he brings improvements in the company through feasible practices and operations.