Must-Have Content for your Social Media Recruitment Strategies in 2019 (Infographic)

Written by Lorenz V. Esposito, Digital Marketer at Potentialpark

Published on August 20, 2019


A strong social media recruitment strategy has become increasingly important in 2019. As mentioned by many of our clients who attended our Future Forum earlier this year, there are still many employers questioning...What channels should they be on? What content should they post on which channels and which KPI’s are relevant?

Since social media is a channel that is always evolving, (either from internal updates or new channels being developed) this is a topic that can no longer be ignored when structuring your recruitment strategies. Oh...did I mention that millennials are only a few years away from becoming the bulk of the workforce and Gen Z following right behind as new target group?

 Recruitment through social media is more valuable than ever before. According to the Potentialpark 2019 Study, 77% of candidates used social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram), and of that, 65% have clicked on career related activities. As you can see, it is crucial for your brand to be present where candidates are. Even if you are not directly recruiting, you can passively attract candidates by being active on social media.

In addition, with unemployment rates at an all time low, candidates now have the choice of not settling for less than a desirable job. Candidates are wanting to know what is in it for them before applying. Employers are now being pushed into improving their communication strategies to attract candidates if they want to stay competitive for top talent. Potentialpark believes targeting these two groups (Millennial and Gen Z) through multiple social media should become the focus for all companies in 2019 and beyond. 

Here are some best practices for content to produce on your social media career channels!


As reported in the Potentialpark 2019 Social Media Study, it was concluded that these pieces of content helped employers such as Dell, Fater, L’Oreal and Nike all communicate to their desired talent extremely well in 2019.

Facebook - Job & Internship Offers

When looking to provide this feature on Facebook, it is important to be specific and have a clear description as to what the job is. The most important part is linking the post to a pre-filtered application page. Check out Fater Facebook Career Page as a best practice!

Instagram - Work Life & Employee Appreciation

Incorporating these features into your Instagram strategy will yield amazing results! Applicants want to know how an employer will take care of them if they should work for you.   Check out L’Oreal Brazil Instagram Career Page as a best practice!

LinkedIn - Career Tips

A great way to help candidates see you as a potential employer is to provide them value before they even apply. Showing career tips shows that as an employer you are here to develop candidates careers. Check out Dell LinkedIn Career Page as a best practice!

Youtube - Presentation of the Workplace

This is an opportunity to showcase what everyday life in your office will look like. If you have a beautiful office space that inspires creativity and healthy culture, it is in your best interest to show it! Check out Nike Youtube Career Page as a best practice!