Talent Communication Report

Market Study


This report shows you the status of your Talent Communication in different digital channels and is based on the annual Potentialpark Study. You’ll know where you do well and where you can improve compared to what candidates want. You’ll also see how you perform against your competitors. 
The report, together with the ranking, is a yearly overview of your efforts and achievements, and thus a unique KPI for your success in recruitment marketing.


In it you'll find:

  • Full rankings

  • Detailed evaluation of your channels

  • Benchmark with your competitors

  • Best Practices

  • Roadmap for improvements

  • Current trends of the young job seekers

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Local reports:
USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy

Regional reports:
Europe, Asia, and Global

The report is available for all four topics:

  • Career Website

  • Social Media

  • Applying Online

  • Mobile

The Talent Communication Report is also available for employers that are currently not represented in the Potentialpark Rankings.