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How do candidates perceive your career channels? We ask them for you.

The Talent Experience Report is based on the results of a qualitative review of your career channels by a panel of candidates. Step by step the target candidate group of your choice will explore, test and provide valuable feedback on your career channels.

We deliver a comprehensive report including the results and our expert analysis.

Example of "Before" and "After" perception comparison

Example of "Before" and "After" perception comparison

In it, you'll find:

  • Assessment of your current talent communication by a group of candidates

  • Benchmark with your competitors

  • Best Practices

The report is available for three topics:

  • Social Media

  • Career Website

  • Applying Online

We test your career channels in: French, German, and English.

The Talent Experience Report is also available for employers that are currently not represented in the Potentialpark Rankings.