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One of the major challenges of today’s Human Resources is securing the pipeline of talent. How do you attract the right candidates and make them want to work for you? How to decrease the dropout rate during the application process? Our products and services help employers understand the current status of their career channels and improve their digital communication and application process to create an outstanding candidate experience. 

We have divided the digital candidate experience in four areas: 


Career Website

The Career Website is the heart of the candidate experience, where you can showcase your organization and really stand out. It’s often the place where decisions for or against an application are taken. 


Social Media

Social Media has become one of the most important ways to attract and nurture candidates, and has changed recruitment for good. We provide guidance in the jungle of channels and where you should focus your efforts. 



Mobile devices have transformed the way we consume information and interact. They’re also game changers in the recruitment process. With our data you can take informed decisions to optimize your communication strategies.


Applying Online

The application process is crucial, from job ad to submitted application. What is state of the art, what causes dropouts and is your ATS provider keeping up with latest developments? We provide the answers. 


Global or local

Employer Value Propositions and communication strategies are often developed centrally while recruitment is local. Our research is truly glocal and we offer packages for many different set-ups: local, regional or global.

Our main languages for evaluating your channels are English, German, French and Italian.


Talent Experience Report

Perception Panel


How do candidates perceive your career channels? We ask them for you.

The Talent Experience Report is based on the results of a qualitative review of your career channels by a panel of candidates. Step by step they explore and test your tools and communication and provide valuable feedback.

We deliver a comprehensive report including the results and our expert analysis.

In it, you'll find:

Example of "Before" and "After" perception comparison

Example of "Before" and "After" perception comparison

  • Assessment of your current talent communication by a group of candidates

  • Benchmark with your competitors

  • Best Practices

The report is available for three topics:

  • Social Media

  • Career Website

  • Applying Online

We test your career channels in: French, German, and English.

The Talent Communication Report is also available for employers that are currently not represented in the Potentialpark Rankings.


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