93% of the young talent worldwide is looking actively online for information about employers.

Potentialpark helps you
make the most of your channels

In today’s recruiting landscape it is more important than ever that employers communicate why talent should choose them and not a competitor. But are companies selecting the right channels to reach their preferred audience? What does their candidate experience look like? Are there unknown hurdles that keep talent from applying?

With our annual OTaC Study (Online Talent Communication), we provide employers with the latest trends and insights about how well their current communication meets talent's expectations and how they perform compared to their competitors.

The OTaC Study is also the base for the OTaC Rankings in our key markets, where we list the companies with the best talent communication. 


What clients say about us

"When we implemented a new Applicant Tracking System, our number of applicants per job dropped significantly.
To address this, we launched a new external career website that enhanced the ATS candidate front-end, making the process more candidate-friendly. Before, during and after the launch, Potentialpark partnered with us to provide valuable candidate feedback, benchmarks and knowledge on how to improve the candidate experience."

Silke Hein, Talent Management & Employer Branding Expert, Deutsche Post DHL Germany

"Over the past three years, working with Potentialpark has been instrumental in helping KPMG continue to build our online branding strategy allowing us to reach our target audience by providing them with the information and tools they need for their job search where and how they want to receive it. "

Nicole Fritz, Director, KPMG Campus Recruiting Marketing


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